Basic Massages

Basic Massages

 We can also accommodate you with chocolates,  champagne, and flowers for a special occasion! All massages are one hour  long, you may order a half hour massage as long as it is combined with  at least one other service.

Gift Certificates

 Give the gift of relaxation and purchase one of our  gift certificates this holiday season! Holiday packages are also  available for purchase. Please call or text (727) 577-1490 for more  information!


 We have a few different types of massages to choose  from, and you can even make a combination of the massages! Please call  the office for pricing. Last appointment is 11 PM each day.

Deep Tissue

 Deep tissue massages are applied with  much more pressure and into much deeper layers of muscle, hence the term  deep tissue, and are effective for chronic muscular tension.

Sports Massage

 A mix between Swedish and Deep Tissue geared to help with the toll that athletic performance takes on the human body.


 Much like the relaxation style with the key difference of targeting pain relief and working on joint stiffness.


 This is the most commonly used massage style, it is used to promote a general sense of relaxation.

Chair Massage


Typically a shorter massage, roughly  15-20 minutes, the client is seated in a chair and the massage focuses  more on the shoulders, neck, and mid to upper back. Often given in high  stress situations like at an airport, during a large corporate meetings  or conventions and are often given as perks to employees.